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Realtors (REA) reported this week that sales of semi-detached homes in Dublin and other parts of the country fell 1.7 per cent at the end of December. Alarm bells rang last month when Google announced it was pulling the plug on Google +.

In North Dublin City, average rent rose EUR1,937 (US $2,161) and in West County Dublin, it was 2079 shares ($3,821) for a one-bedroom house. In south Dublin, average rents rose from €3,096 to €3,096. (4,737 USD) in the first half of last year and 4,061 EURin 2015 to 2,224 USD (

In South Dublin City, the average rent rose from €2,166 to €2,390. (US $2,417) to 1,937 EURO (US $1,737) and In West County Dublin, it was 2,079 shares ($3,821) for a one-bedroom house. In Northern Ireland, average rents rose to the same level as in 2014, from 4,061 in 2015 to 2 in the first half of last year and the second half of 2015.

If you think investing in Irish property is right for you, you may want to consider what kind of rental return you can expect. The one-bed flat I chose when I bought my property in Ireland and earned a gross yield of 9.35 per cent could be rented out for 1,380 euros a month. Dublin has also moved up the rankings of 31 European cities in terms of overall prospects for real estate, particularly with interest rates remaining low.

One attraction is that Dublin's rental yields are higher than those of the rest of Ireland. Properties in Dublin typically fetch almost 6%, the highest in the EU, despite the cost, Savills said. The best rental yield in Ireland is a small apartment in Dublin 1, located in the centre of a popular capital city. Savill says Dublin's neighbourhoods are also the most attractive for investors looking to buy property in Ireland.

When buying an investment property that you want to rent out on the local market, it makes sense to have a mortgage to ensure that you can afford to rent. When you invest in rental properties in Ireland, the rent in euros that your tenant pays is more important than the rent that he pays.

With an airport in Knock, Donegal, the area is more accessible than ever and has easy access to Dublin. This natural beauty is one of Ireland's best kept secrets, and the money goes straight back into the local economy through the tourism industry and local businesses.

Ireland is a great place for foreigners to invest in the country and you will not find any restrictions that prevent you from buying property here. However, there are things that cannot be done, so it is important to seek advice from qualified professionals in this country.

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